rainy day with my cat

Going on a date with me tonight.

It’s one of those nights were I can’t stop thinking about you.
What might’ve happened if you chose me. If you asked me to stay. 

And sadly, I would’ve.

I would’ve left my independence, my growth, to stay and give us another chance. 

I hate that you still get to me. I don’t even have to see your face. I see a place, I hear a song, and it takes me back. My heart still sinks anytime I hear your name. 

I’ll probably thank you in the future for making my decision easier to go, and for letting me be me outside of you, but I still wonder just what would’ve come of me if you were by my side. 

Tears flood thinking about it.

Tonight I’m going to have a date night for myself. A night to reflect and be vulnerable to sadness, because the move is soon and I need to be okay with the quiet times. 

nothing beats a rainy day off work.
drunk & over today

My bun game was too good today. 

Also this sunshine is making me oh so happy. Please stay a little longer, Spring!


We off to Austin

miss my ray :(


A few snapshots we got developed from our Austin trip and wholly molly i’m loving these light leaks that happened out of nowhere 

blustery day in texas 

Melancholy Tatum; Our empty Texas home2013


I miss this girl more than anything! I love you to pieces miss Tatum Tot. I hope Dallas is treating you well my lovely best friend. 

awww bae i just saw this! love you to the moon, sweet girl.

Having one of those days from hell.
Before Wavves in Dallas, TX 👽

Last night~



Today we got coffee before I went to work and then this lady went to apply for jobs!


the lovely Tatum and I for an early birthday dinner!